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May 2017


Copies of my latest book were delivered to our home early on the morning of Friday February 10th. I posted the first pre-ordered copies to supporters later that day. We now have two books for sale that span some 35 years of active front line campaigning and investigative work with colleagues. The books have been selling well, both by mail-order and from stalls and events that I have attended.

Outfoxed Again covers my campaigning work from 1984 to 2005. It has 528 pages of text and 64 pages of photographs. It also has a comprehensive index and is a valuable reference source. Here is a review by my campaigning colleague from Hounds Off, Joe Hashman:-

Mike Huskisson's latest book, Outfoxed Again, is an important read for anyone interested in the animal rights movement between 1984 and 2005 - a radical period in terms of campaigning and investigative strategies. It was Huskisson's work (with others) on numerous front lines which, via printed media, photographs and film, brought the nightmare realities of vivisection and bloodsports especially to the attention of an animal loving nation. The resulting shock, horror and public roars of disapproval pushed forward, then achieved, real social, political and animal welfare changes during these years.

Huskisson has dedicated his life to fighting and exposing animal abuse. Outfoxed Again details his efforts, achievements, seminal scoops and exposés along the way. As in life so in animal cruelty investigations; here are 528 pages containing stomach-turning accounts of mans calculated, deranged and thoughtless inhumanity to other creatures; of roller-coaster moments, passages, chapters and also (much less glamorous) the slog - countless early starts, miles travelled, vehicle breakdowns, days in the field 'on the job' which turned up nothing and, yes, time in prison spent reflecting and preparing.

Huskisson is studious in crediting his backers, partners, colleagues (and opponents). Part Two of an intended trilogy, Outfoxed Again is a chronicle of Mike's work and how he used the resources made available to him thanks to the vision and generosity of his supporters. It's a weighty tome but vital in keeping the memory of animal suffering alive and teaching us all valuable lessons as we strive for a more compassionate future.

Joe Hashman 13 March 2017

Here is a review from my ICABS colleague Philip Kiernan:

"Outfoxed Again" is a captivating account of a campaigner's tireless crusade to expose some of the world's worst acts of animal cruelty. Follow Mike Huskisson across two decades and several lands as he bravely goes undercover amongst a menacing cast of characters, gathering evidence to reveal the hidden victims and help end their suffering.

In this sequel to Outfoxed, he covers a lot more ground - circling above a field in Altcar for aerial surveillance of hare coursing, clambering into a farmyard in Ireland to film a terrified deer cornered by hunt hounds, journeying to the bloody bays of the Faroe Islands to document the massacre of whales and dolphins. Also recounted is his work to shine a light on the gruesome brutality of foxhunting and the horrors of shooting, pig farming, live exports, fur farming, etc.

Some of the situations will horrify, others will infuriate but ultimately these 500 pages will serve as an inspiration and a reminder that with unwavering commitment and determination, a positive difference can be made in the world.

Outfoxed Again costs £20 plus £4 postage and packing to a UK address (please contact me for postage rates abroad). These books are priced to sell by mail order and will not be available in bookshops. (Bookshops demand a one third discount plus free delivery to their door so the cover price would have to be significantly more if they were involved. I prefer to give the bookshops discount to supporters).

To order please send a cheque or postal order for £24 payable to AWIS.

You can also pay using online banking – the bank details are: account: AWIS; sort code: 20-92-08; account number: 70490989. Please let me know if you would like your book signed.


Copies of this book that details my campaigning work up to 1983 continue to sell well. If you have the original Outfoxed this new book makes a useful addition as it contains extra information and pictures and an index. To purchase a copy of Outfoxed Take Two please send a cheque for £19 (payable to AWIS) to our PO Box or you can pay online by using the banking details as previously mentioned or by making a £19 donation (I will know what it is for) via the 'donate' button on our web site — If you would like your copy signed please let me know.

If you would like to purchase both books together they cost £42 as we can make a slight saving by combining the postage. Please allow up to three weeks for delivery of your book(s).


On Tuesday April 18th Theresa May announced that she was calling a snap election for June 8th. A couple of days later a YouGov poll put Labour on 24% and the Conservatives on 48%. It was predicted that the Conservatives might win with a majority in the region of 150 to 200 seats.

The election was called apparently to strengthen our negotiating hand over Brexit. It was soon clear that for some there were other priorities. When the Conservative Manifesto was published it stated on page 26: “We will grant a free vote, on a government bill in government time, to give parliament the opportunity to decide the future of the Hunting Act.” With a huge Conservative majority repeal of the Hunting Act is likely. To support the compassionate side I set about campaigning on Facebook, writing letters to newspapers and working in constituencies. On May 14th I posted on Facebook the old image of the hunt terriermen holding a live lactating vixen by her ears whilst mocking her swollen teats. I gave it the plea: “Use Your Vote These Guys Will Use Theirs.” [In the 2015 election some 15 million registered voters did not vote.] At the time of writing this bulletin (May 30th) my post has been shared 2,951 times on Facebook – which means that it has been seen by many.


With Outfoxed Again completed I have been able to give more attention to talks and manning stalls. On Saturday April 8th I spoke at the National Day of Action in Cambridge in tribute to Joan Court. Animal Rights Cambridge performed some brilliant street theatre which drew great interest from passers-by enjoying glorious sunshine.

On Saturday April 29th I manned a stall for ACIG/AWIS and gave a talk at the Cambridge Radical Bookfair. The following month I flew to Sweden on May 5th to meet Animal Rights colleagues in Gothenburg. On Saturday May 5th I helped them with street protests highlighting the cruelty in factory farming and on the following day I spoke at the Blackbird Restaurant about my campaigning work over the years. I took as many books as I could carry – and sold them all! (Many thanks to Daniel Rolke for his invitation to meet his dedicated and determined activists and for his hospitality.)

On Saturday May 20th I manned a stall at the Norwich Vegan Festival and also gave a talk to an enthusiastic audience. The following week, Saturday May 27th I took my stall to Harefest 2017 in Aldeburgh where I sold several copies of each book, spoke to many friends and to many new people.


For anyone considering remembering the vital educational and publishing work of the AWIS in their will I respectfully suggest using the following form of bequest:

I bequeath unto the Animal Welfare Information Service of P.O. Box 8, Halesworth, Suffolk, IP19 0JL, the sum of .............................. free of tax and I direct that the receipt of an authorised officer of the group shall be a good and sufficient discharge of such legacy.”

I have no idea what the General Election will bring. Hopefully not a Conservative majority of the size that would enable them to repeal the Hunting Act. Whatever the future holds you can be sure that we will be in their fighting hard for the causes that we value so greatly. Please help me by continuing to support our investigative and educational work and by buying my books. If you already have both please consider buying another for a friend or to give to your local college, University or County library. Our next bulletin will be written in November. Thank you for your continued support. Editor. May 2017


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