Hunting in the snow

It is a mistake to think that hunting people stop hunting because of a bit of bad weather. With snow on the ground the mounted packs will often leave their horses behind and resort to "footing" in the snow. This makes for picturesque scenes and also the usual cruelty.

Here are some images of the Essex foxhounds hunting and killing in wintry conditions in 1991 - this of course was perfectly legal then as it was years before the Hunting Act 2004.

Drawing a hedgeline.

The terrierman follows along behind.

Death in the snow as the exhausted fox is engulfed by the pack near a drain.

The Huntsman retrieves the body of the fox and tries to excite the hounds.

The Huntsman takes the fox body up on to the road and shakes it in front of the hounds to excite them.

The hounds are getting more enthusiastic now.

Now the trophies are taken from the dead victim - the Huntsman hold the brush.

And the fox remains are thrown back in the ditch.

The onlookers at this gruesome scene - note the youth of some.