Moving of fox cubs for hunting

This is a link to a Yorkshire TV news report "Calendar" broadcast on November 3rd 1983. It concerns an undercover investigation by the League Against Cruel Sports proving the digging out of fox cubs by hunt supporters and the transportation of those cubs for hunting. "In May 1980, Mr Chris Wood, whipper-in for the Holderness Foxhounds dug out four fox cubs near Birmingham and took them back to the hunt kennels the following day. The League knows that the cubs were put into an artificial earth near a railway line and fed until the hunting season started." Cruel Sports Spring 1984.

Note the excellent performance here by Jim Barrington who at the time was paid by the League Against Cruel Sports and was anti-hunt. At the time of writing this (January 2014) he is paid by the hunters and is pro-hunt. Look at the film and listen to the commentary - then judge for yourself the expertise of the hunt servant at this behaviour.