Video cameras

Panasonic AG-450 S-VHS Movie Camera.

Thanks to the generosity of ACIG supporters we were able to buy this professional video camera in the Autumn of 1989. It used full-sized VHS tapes and when the S-VHS tape was used it was of broadcast quality. The camera was used for the Professor Feldberg investigation at the National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill, London from 1989-1990 that is detailed elsewhere on this site, and reported on in Outfoxed Again (2017). I was invited in with my camera so there was no question of hiding it - just as well as it was large and bulky.

A 420g tin of Nut Luncheon is included purely to show scale.

The camera was mounted on a tripod for most of the 40 hours of filming.

This was the actual 2-hour S-VHS tape that was used to film the end of the experiment on a cat on December 7th 1989. The 50p coin is included to show scale. This was a far cry from hidden filming. Throughout the investigation the scientists knew they were being filmed and accordingly were on their best behaviour.