Fur trade

ACIG investigators have worked hard over the years to expose the cruelty in the fur trade both in the UK and abroad. We have also joined with other groups to protest against the cruelty of fur.

Here is a report from an ACIG colleague in 2009:-

Report of anti fur campaign

On a recent mini vacation to Toronto Canada, in the run up to Christmas, I encountered an anti fur protested being staged outside the main Burberry store in the city. The event was well attended by many anti fur and animal welfare campaigners who were; displaying graphic posters showing the cruelty of fur, handing out many leaflets regarding the fur trade but also ones concerning compassionate farming and the benefits of vegan/vegetarian life styles, over a speaker system there looped a messages describing the cruelty endured by animals farmed for their fur in countries like China who have little or no regulation protecting them, campaigners were also engaging with members of the public asking them for their perceptions of fur and informing them of how they could make a difference to the lives of animals farmed for fur. The demonstration was well received by members of the public who were shocked and appalled at learning the true horrors of the fur trade. It was heartening to see that there do exist compassionate people throughout the world who are willing to stand up and make a difference for animals.

SH 2009